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These workshops are for all those who are looking for answers to the eternal questions of our being, causes of human problems, human relations, and ways of healing. The focus is to activate a personal compass. Today the world is more or less set upside down. Therefore one today does not differ taking care of oneself and taking care of one’s physical body. First of all, there is identification with the physical body. Consequently, one believes in birth and death and other limitations of physical dimensions of existence. The one put oneself into prison.

If one went through the process of de-identification of the physical body, it would all become much more transparent. The physical body is another entity in which one lives. Searching for the cause of disease in the physical body is the same as when one looks for the cause of the scattered things around the apartment in the very same things. Once the one becomes aware of one’s original nature it will become possible to differentiate the meanings of taking care of the physical body and taking care of oneself.

This set of workshops named “Activating personal compass” is here with the purpose to awaken full human potential. To stimulate the awareness that we are all our poison and medicine, that everyone has self-healing ability. The workshop aims to make a person capable of taking responsibility for psychological and physical health, and of pointing out the true meaning of self-care and care of the physical body. A healthy lifestyle does not mean just taking care of the physical body, but above all, taking care of the body of consciousness, the body of intentions, and the body of senses. Taking care of mention bodies together with Enlightenment Intensive activate personal compass.

Internal Compass

The basic structure and focus of these workshops are:

  • development of human sensibility, thinking and willing
  • identifying environmental influences,
  • anatomy of eternal bodies
  • direct experience of one’s true nature

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Damir Butković

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