Level 4


Level 4 – The Body of Intention & The Body of Consciousness

  • Laws of Existence – it is necessary to understand the laws of existence in the world of spirit, soul, and body to become free.
  • Eternity in Transience – even though the phenomenal world is transient, there is also eternity in it. To comprehend that one needs to understand the development of skills, memories, and the physical body. Every dimension imposes different models. The numbers do not lie, so everything also has its mathematical expression.
  • Mechanics of Spirit-Soul-Body Relation – as one understands what it means to drive a car, in the same way, one needs to understand the driving force of the body and what it means to manage the body
  • Sacred Geometry – every phenomenon has its structure, so when it comes to the original draft, sacred geometry emerges. Understanding the sacred geometry is important for understanding the organs of higher bodies.
  • Anatomy 2 – Merchaba & The Body of Consciousness Organs – the body of intent and the body of consciousness have useable organs with specific functions.
  • Primordial Codes – each of us came to Earth with a specific task, and the best way to do it is through primordial codes. 
  • Setting the Life Target – Once the person is aware of primordial codes, then it is possible to define the idea and the means to achieve it. Life becomes meaningful.
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